August saw a big increase in the level of overseas travel to and from Ireland compared to the previous month, but overseas trips remain dramatically lower than the same month last year.

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office show a total of 362,600 overseas arrivals and 328,200 overseas departures in August. 

This compares with 227,300 arrivals and 275,400 departures in the previous month, increases of 59.5% and 19.2% respectively.

But the CSO said that overseas travel in August of this year remained dramatically lower than in August last year, when there were 2,256,500 arrivals and 2,191,900 departures. This represented falls of 83.9% and 85% respectively.

Today's figures show that of the 362,600 persons arriving in Ireland last month, 85.9% arrived by air and 14.1% arrived by sea. 

Of the 328,200 persons leaving the country, 83.9% departed by air and 16.1% left by sea.

Most of the people coming to Ireland came from the UK (112,600), followed by Spain (33,600) and Poland (31,700).

Most leaving Ireland went to the UK (125,400), Poland (23,900) and Italy (23,300), the CSO said.

The CSO said that 3.8 million overseas passengers travelled to and from Ireland during the months from January to August. This compares to almost 14 million overseas passengers the same time in 2019, a decrease of almost 73%. 

"This illustrates the continuing and dramatic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on international travel to and from Ireland," the CSO said.