Recycling rates are up and contamination in the recycling bins are down, according to new research by Repak.

It reveals that Ireland's recycling tonnes have increased by 9.1% in the last two years.

Since Repak founded its Team Green initiative in 2018 the volume of tonnes recycled has amounted to 1,314,160 which is enough to completely fill the Aviva Stadium over 20 times.

Team Green is an initiative powered by Repak that was created to support Ireland in achieving future packaging recycling targets set by the European Union.

Over 269,557 tonnes of glass, 638,129 tonnes of paper and 166,440 tonnes of plastic which includes an additional 97 million plastic bottles have been recycled in Ireland since Repak's Team Green was founded.

Since 1997, the people of Ireland have diverted 13.3 million tonnes of recyclable materials from landfill, according to Repak.

It said this has led to the reduction of the country’s landfill facilities from 126 in 1997 to just three in 2020.

With many people now spending more time in their household, Repak said becoming better recyclers at home is "crucial" in ensuring Ireland continues to be a leader in Europe.