BDO and Fexco have launched a new specialist customs clearance service to assist Irish businesses manage the substantial increase in customs clearance documentation which will take effect from next January. 

Declaron has been designed to ensure customers will be compliant with new customs rules, avoiding potential delays and costs at borders post Brexit. 

The online portal will provide 24/7 status updates on declarations and will help customers save time on document preparation.

Records for all traded goods declared to customers are safeguarded and accessible online to help deal with any Revenue queries or audits.

Declaron will act as a company's customs clearance agent, lodging import and export declarations and interfacing with customs on their behalf, enabling customers to track each step of the clearance process and the live status of their consignment. 

The new system is fully compliant with the requirements from customs authorities in both Ireland and the UK and provides clarity for customers on the customs process from end to end.

From January 1, 2021, all exports from Ireland to the UK and imports from the UK to Ireland will legally require customs clearance documentation.

Carol Lynch, Partner in BDO Customs and International Trade Services, said that since last year it has been clear to Irish businesses and Government that there was going to be a serious problem facing importers and exporters due to a lack of clearance agents. 

Ms Lynch said the increase in declarations that will be required post-Brexit goes from 1.6 million to 20 million declarations.

She said this will cause a serious operating problem for any Irish business trying to move goods into and out of the country.

"Using BDO's expertise in Customs law and Tax, together with Fexco technology and customer service expertise, Declaron has developed a solution to simplify clearing goods across borders. Declaron can manage hundreds of thousands of declarations through a combination of deep customs knowledge, proprietary software and expert customs clearance agents," Ms Lynch said.

Denis McCarthy, CEO of Fexco, said that Declaron is a great example of the company collaborating with sectoral experts to bring technology-based solutions to Irish businesses. 

"BDO's customs clearance expertise and Fexco's technology combined with our dedication to create seamless business transactions will bring simplicity and control to Irish businesses in a time of uncertainty," Mr McCarthy said. 

"Brexit is of major concern for Irish businesses that trade internationally. Fexco and BDO are, together, determined to help create clarity for those businesses with Declaron," he added.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that in just over three months' time, new checks and controls will be required on all trade with, and through, Great Britain. 

Mr Martin said this will happen regardless of the outcome of the current negotiations between the EU and UK. 

"On January 1, the UK will be outside of the EU's Single Market and Customs Union. Businesses need to get ready now, and ensure they are ready for new customs arrangements and other regulatory requirements. Today's announcement of the Declaron service by BDO and FEXCO is a welcome contribution to this, adding to the customs intermediary capacity that Irish businesses will need," the Taoiseach stated.