Two-thirds of workers are struggling to cope with life under Covid-19 - while the vast majority have felt their anxiety levels increase during the pandemic.

That is according to a survey of employers and employees by Laya Healthcare.

It found that 91% of workers had reported some level of anxiety in the past six months, while nearly 39% said they were struggling with the challenging environment.

"It is obvious that living with a heightened sense of anxiety and awareness of Covid-19, that is obviously going to impact on the employer and the employee," said Sinéad Proos, head of health and wellbeing at Laya Healthcare.

However she did point out that the survey was conducted before schools reopened - which she said would have removed some of the stress many workers would have faced, while perhaps adding new ones at the same time.

"They are still living with that 'what if my child gets sick and I am after transitioning back to the physical workplace?', ‘what if they have to stay at home from school because they’re presenting with symptoms?"

The survey also found that one third of workers are considered vulnerable, as they have an underlying condition that would make a positive coronavirus diagnosis all the more dangerous.

However the survey also found that few workers were taking action over their health.

Just one in ten were seeking health with their mental well-being, while only two in ten had taken some sick leave since the pandemic began in March.

"What we found very insightful was that, even though people are having these struggles, they’re not really reaching out for help," said Ms Proos. "They don’t necessarily have to reach out to a healthcare professional, it could just be reaching out to a friend or family member, or somebody that they’re close to."

The survey also gives a better idea of the burden faced by businesses in trying to bring staff back to the workplace.

It suggests the average cost of fitting out a workplace to make it employee-safe again would be more than €37,000.