The number of people claiming some form of social welfare income support fell 8.7% on a monthly basis in July, however the number of people on the Live Register itself increased.

New data from the Central Statistics Office shows there were 922,696 people claiming support via either the Live Register, the Pandemic Unemployment Payment or the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme last month.

That is down 87,999 (8.7%) on the figure for June.

The number of people receiving the PUP was down 164,355 (37.4%) in the month to 274,578.

Meanwhile the numbers on the TWSS was up 55,303 (14.1%) to 447,639.

That means the numbers receiving supports specifically relating to the pandemic was down 109,052 (13.1%) overall.

However, the number of people on the Live Register rose in the month, up 12,900 (6%) on a seasonally-adjusted basis to 226,600.

Year-on-year, the numbers on the Live Register was 38,166 (18.5%) higher at 244,562.

The CSO said that a small number of applicants for the PUP had been advised to apply for jobseekers benefits on the Live Register, however at this point it could not quantify how many at this point.

According to the CSO 54.2% of those on the Live Register in July were male, while 13.4% were under 25.

Meanwhile, men made up 53.2% of those receiving the PUP, with 20.8% of recipients under 25.

For those receiving the TWSS, 54.2% were male, with 16.3% of claimants aged under 25.