Deliveroo has said 600 new Irish restaurants have signed up with the platform since January of this year, meaning the company now has more than 1,800 restaurant partners in the country.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, delivery service Deliveroo said it has helped restaurants to transition from dine-in to delivery.

64% of the new sign ups were in Dublin, 11% in Cork; while Galway and Limerick saw a 6% and 4% increase respectively as well as growth in Northern Ireland with 15% in Belfast.

The company said this demonstrates the important role Deliveroo can play in supporting restaurants and their workers during a challenging period.

Deliveroo said it has taken a number of measures since the pandemic hit, including developing online marketing tools for restaurants to let customers know they are operating delivery services and dropping onboarding fees for new restaurants.

Will Shu, CEO, Deliveroo, said they are working closely with restaurants.

"We are here to deliver for restaurants that want to carry on offering amazing food to families at home during this difficult time. We are working with restaurants to optimise their operations for delivery, and we are doing everything we can to make sure people still have access to the food they want and need," he said.