Gardaí have issued a warning about a 'smishing' scam whereby people are being contacted by text message, from individuals claiming to be from AIB, leading them to believe their bank card has been compromised.

Individuals receive a text asking them to log onto a website in order to receive a new card and are requested to insert their personal identification number (PIN) and other personal data.

Once this is completed they are asked to send the compromised card to one of three addresses, none of which are linked to AIB.

Gardaí are urging people not to respond to such texts, but to take a screenshot of the message, delete it and report it to their local garda station.

The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB) said that a financial institution would never request a customer to return a card to the bank in such circumstances.

The GNECB said it is working closely with AIB and other financial institutions to identify those behind the fraud and those who receive, or use the stolen data and/or cards.