Dundrum Town Centre has launched a new feature on its website to help customers plan their visit.

'Crowd Checker' provides shoppers with live updates on how busy the centre is in real time, so that people can avoid crowds.

Centre Director Don Nugent said Dundrum has calculated a comfortable capacity based on the number of people per square metre, and if it reaches 75% of that number, a queuing system can be put in place.

"We haven't had to do that yet but we thought we'd take that one step further and put the information on our website so that people can check for themselves."

'Crowd Checker' is updated every 15 minutes.

Mr Nugent said the centre has been consistently busy since it fully reopened in June.

"Numbers are not quite what they were last year, but that's to be expected. Tenants are happy with business. The conversion rates are up. People are coming to the centre to shop and the average spend is up, so we're quite happy with the trend at the moment."

Ahead of shopping centres reopening, the then Minister for Business Heather Humphreys said people should not browse and should be 'purposeful' when they shop.

Shoppers are adhering to that advice according to Mr Nugent. "People are coming here on a mission. They are quite clear about what they want to do and where they want to visit, and they are going about their business in that manner, so the level of browsing and the dwell time is shorter than would be the case in normal circumstances but that's to be expected."

Dundrum Town Centre has followed Government guidelines "to the letter" and has introduced a one-way system in the mall. It has signs reminding people to social distance, queue marks outside every shop, hand sanitisers at every entrance into the centre and enhanced cleaning measures throughout.

Mr Nugent said there has been a really good level of compliance from tenants.

"We issued a reopening guideline to all of the tenants, giving them the measures that we expected them to put in place. We have found that they have been very consistent and very good at doing that. We have had the occasional hiccup along the way but that is to be expected."