Co Leitrim-based lender Avantcard is to enter the Irish mortgage market in autumn of this year. 

Avantcard said it is planning a range of mortgage products that will offer consumers real value over the life of their mortgage. 

Avantcard currently specialises in credit cards and personal loans and is owned by Spanish banking group, Bankinter, which also has operations in Portugal and Luxembourg. 

Bankinter already has a substantial mortgage business in both Spain and Portugal and Avantcard will use that expertise to bring more choice to the Irish mortgage market.? 

The mortgage products will be offered under a new trading name, Avant Money, which is said reflects its ambition to provide a broader range of consumer finance products, starting with mortgages. 

The new Avant Money branding will be extended to the rest of its existing business over the coming months. 

Switchers, movers and first-time buyers will be able to avail of the new products through a number of mortgage brokers.  

"Over the years, we have seen how Irish consumers have been under-served in comparison to their European counterparts and it's time for that to change," Chris Paul, CEO of Avantcard, said.?

"Supported by our parent, Bankinter, and building on our strong consumer finance legacy, we are confident that we will be able to provide markedly better value for customers and deliver genuine, long-lasting change," Mr Paul added.