New research from PayPal, conducted by Ipsos, reveals that online charity donations increased dramatically in Ireland during the pandemic with four in five contributions made online.

Over two thirds (68%) of the 2,000 Irish respondents also said they will continue making online donations after the crisis.

A quarter of Irish people also said that they are helping or engaging in charity activities more often than before.

In terms of the types of organisations chosen, people are more likely to select a local charity.

The findings come as PayPal launches a new registered charity, PayPal Giving Fund Ireland.

The company said the PayPal Giving Fund allows people to give money to charities "more directly" and provides a directory for PayPal users who want to make a charitable donation, and allows them to search for charities within a given space, such as cancer research or mental health charities.

Meanwhile, registered charities can enrol with PayPal Giving Fund, which then grants funds to them without charging the charities or individual donors for its services.

PayPal said this means that 100% of the funds go to charities.

Maeve Dorman, a trustee of PayPal Giving Fund Ireland and Vice-President of Global Merchant Services at PayPal, said she hopes the charity will help donors and charities to connect, in a "quick, easy and impactful way."

"Of course, this is something which is important at any time, but especially now with many traditional fundraising channels no longer available for these organisations," she added.