New research from the Parliamentary Budget Office highlights the regional disparity in the economy. 

The analysis published this afternoon shows that the Eastern and Midland region, which includes Dublin, accounts for 54% of the wealth generated in the economy, or €175bn based on 2018 GDP figures. This compares to 39% or €126bn in the Southern region and 7% or €22.1bn generated in the North and West. 

GDP in 2018 was just over €324bn and the Parliamentary Budget Office notes that it's heavily distorted by the activities of multinationals. 

Disposable income per capita was also highest in the East and Midlands at €23,869. In the Southern region, it was €20,098 while in the North and West it was €17,804. Broken down further by county, Dublin had the highest disposable income at €25,497 which compares to Donegal which had the lowest at €15,546. 

The East and Midlands also accounted for the greatest slice of tax revenue at €29.152bn while the Southern region accounted for €9.403bn and the North and West €2.987bn.