Ireland recovered and recycled one million tonnes of material last year and far exceeded its European targets, according to Repak.

Its annual report says that 678,000 tonnes of material was recycled last year - up 42,000 tonnes (7%), with household recycling seeing a particular increase.

Meanwhile more than 333,000 tonnes of material was recovered, up 62340 tonnes (23%). That means it was converted into another resource such as fuel or compost.

Repak, which oversees recycling compliance, said Ireland recycled 67.5% of its suitable waste last year - including 35% of its plastic, 82% of its paper and 78% of its glass.

The country was ahead of European Union targets in all categories, it said.

Meanwhile the country had a recovery rate of 96%.

"2019 was once again a strong year for Repak as we delivered for members on all key compliance objectives and surpassed all EU packaging recycling targets," said Repak CEO Séamus Clancy.

"A single year 7% increase in recycling rates across all materials is a strong indicator that Ireland remains amongst the top nations in Europe for its recycling levels."

Mr Clancy said the improving recycling rate means the country is "firmly on track" to meet its 2025 and 2030 targets as set out by the EU.