Kerry Airport is developing a new resource system that will enable it to continue operating viably while at the same time see all staff return to full pay, hours and employment.

Like most airports around the world, Kerry has seen a dramatic fall off in passengers volumes due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

But it says that despite a corresponding fall in revenue, its entire workforce  of 67would be retained at pre-crisis pay levels.

To achieve this, it is developing a new resource system that will enable management to schedule staff to work when they are most needed.

The airport said Ryanair expects to resume flights in and out of the airport next month, on routes to London, Manchester, Frankfurt-Hahn, Berlin, Alicante and Faro.

The twice daily Stobart Air operated Aer Lingus service from Kerry to Dublin has also remained operational throughout the lockdown period.

"We are clearly facing into a different future and we have resisted taking the option that has been experienced elsewhere to lay-off staff, cut wages and reduce hours," said CEO of Kerry Airport, John Mulhern.

"Over the coming weeks, with the introduction of the new and more efficient scheduling system, it is our intention to see all staff return to full pay, full hours and full employment. The success of this reorganisation will determine whether further and more difficult decisions are required down the line."

The airport has also introduced measures to protect staff and passengers such as mandatory use of face masks inside the terminal and throughout the course of the journey.