A new renewable energy supplier is to launch here this month, offering no tie ins or exit fees.

Bright uses a software platform and app to offer a single transparent tariff to customers, with the power supplied from green sources.

Founded by brothers Ciaran and Stephen Devine, Bright claims that when smart meters are rolled out across the country the software will be able to offer even greater benefits.

"The electricity market in Ireland is overly complicated and it doesn't need to be," said Ciaran Devine.

Bright says it will not put customers on an introductory rate and then automatically move them onto a much higher tariff after a year like other providers do.

Instead, the supplier will treat all customers the same. 

"We have created bright to be the easiest company to join and there are no tie ins if you decide to leave," Ciaran Devine said.

Bright is being established by the Devine brothers, who founded energy innovation firm Evermore a decade ago, in partnership with the Maxol Group.

"This is a significant move for Maxol as we look to diversify our business by making a move into the renewable energy sector," said Brian Donaldson, CEO of The Maxol Group.

"Such a move was an intrinsic part of our growth and diversification strategy, but it was crucial that we partnered with the right people with the experience, technical know-how, entrepreneurial spirit and vision to make it happen."

Bright will be launched for domestic electricity customers at the end of June.

The company also intends to apply its technology to the gas market later this year.