Tesco is to rollout a new customer number and queue management system across its stores.

The technology counts customers entering and leaving a premises and then displays on a screen when it is safe for the person at the top of the queue to enter.

The retailer says it has tried the system at its Greystones store and it will now put it in the majority of its shops, beginning with the 60 largest.

"Customers in Greystones have responded really well to this trial, with great feedback received so far," said David Murphy, Store Manager of Tesco Greystones.

"It gives both my team great peace of mind for managing the numbers in store at any given time, and for customers to know they're entering a safe environment as well. With social distancing and the management of the flow of people likely to be with us for the near future, this technology is very important"

"It helps us continue to prioritise the health and safety of my colleagues and customers as we continue to work together to respond to Covid-19."

A tailored version will be used for the smaller Express branches.

The 3D imaging system is designed to ensure an accurate steady flow of people throughout the day.

The size and format of each shop floor varies and it is this which dictates the maximum numbers of customers who can be inside at any one time.

At busier times or during the hours dedicated to the elderly and family carers, the personal manning of store entry and exit points will continue.