Ryanair said it is cutting more than 250 jobs at its offices in Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw.

It said the job cuts will be made through a combination of contracts ending, resignations and redundancies.

"These people will not be required to return to work on 1 June, when the Ryanair offices reopen, due to the substantial decline in traffic the Ryanair Group Airlines is facing in 2020," the airline said in a statement.

Ryanair has operated less than 1% of its normal flight schedules during April, May and June and this week said that only 40% of its normal schedules would operate in July. 

For the full year, Ryanair said it now expects to carry less than 100 million passengers, over 35% lower than the more than 155 million target for the year ended March 2021.

Ryanair's People Director Darrell Hughes said that while the airline expects to reopen its offices from 1 June,  the company will not require the same number of support team members in a year when it will carry less than 100 million passengers compared to a target figure of 155 million.

Darren Hughes also said that the airline continues to meet its pilot and cabin crew unions across Europe to finalise up to 3,000 job cuts and 20% pay cuts.

"Further announcements on Ryanair crew job losses and pay cuts are expected before the end of May in the light of further and on-going flight restrictions," he added.