The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has simplified the system for certain mergers to be notified to it.

The changes begin officially on July 1 and require certain criteria to be met in order for them to be used.

These include pre-notification discussions, the publication of notice of a notified proposed transaction, and the determination process under the simplified merger notification procedure.

"The simplified merger procedure regime is expected to deliver efficiency benefits for businesses through reduced notification requirements and will allow for speedier decision timelines," said Brian McHugh, Member of the Commission.

"This is particularly the case where no competition issues arise."

The CCPC said the new procedures will reduce the time and resources needed from businesses as notifying parties will be exempt from providing certain information when filing mergers or acquisitions which do not raise significant competition concerns.

However, the new system will not replace the current procedure, but will instead facilitate more efficient review of mergers that do not raise competition concerns.

The changes follow a public consultation period in 2018 and the publication of draft guidelines the following year.