AA Ireland has called on insurers to do more to help motorists in financial difficulty as a result of the Covid-19 emergency.

The motoring organisation claims underwriters must reduce premiums for the duration of the crisis.

This is because most car-owners are barely using their cars, claimed the AA, which as an intermediary offers a range of insurance products itself.

With traffic volumes down by more than two thirds, the exposure of insurers to motor claims has dropped significantly it said.

"Nothing about this is easy but we cannot let the ordinary motorist sit at the bottom of the food chain once again," stated Conor Faughnan, Director on Consumer Affairs at AA Ireland.

"We want to see insurers look more directly at how they can help consumers right now."

Mr Faughnan said a lower claims risk must mean lower prices for ordinary people. 

"I know insurers are looking at this and the AA has engaged with many directly but they have to do more. They need to consider refunds or premium reductions," he claimed.

The body said it does recognise that many insurers are themselves grappling with a huge drop in business and revenue in a number of commercial sectors and that they are making efforts to help commercial clients.

"To be frank, they need to look at it harder and they need to look at it quicker," Mr Faughnan said.

The AA said it is providing free Roadside Rescue to those working in the health service or vulnerable people and has waived fees for its Hotel Inspection & Grading business.

As a re-seller of insurance, it said it cannot control prices, but does pass on discounts it gets for volume of trade.