Trinity College Dublin generated almost €13 million in revenues from its Book of Kells exhibition last year.

According to a college spokeswoman, visitor income from the Book of Kells last year totalled €12.7m - as over one million visitors paid to view the ancient manuscript.

The revenues generated from the Book of Kells and Old Library tour - which work out at a weekly average of €244,230 for the 12 months to the end of September 2019 - is almost on a par with the €12.8m TCD generated from its accommodation across several sites in Dublin last year.

The priceless Book of Kells contains the four Gospels in Latin and the manuscript's celebrity derives largely from the impact of its lavish decoration and its artistry.

The Book of Kells has been on display in the Old Library at Trinity College from the mid 19th century.

Entrance tickets to view the Book of Kells range from €11 to €14 for adults, while family tickets cost €28.

The exhibition is currently closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the university is facing lost millions of euro in revenues if Covid 19 restrictions are not lifted next month.

The college's Library Shop is also a major money spinner for the university chalking up revenues of €5.2m last year.

At the Library Shop, visitors can purchase Book of Kells candles (€15), socks (€10),t-shirts (€27.10) and scarves (€15).

The recently published TCD accounts for 2019 show that six academic medical members of staff last year earned over €300,000 with the top earner receiving between €360,000 and €370,000.

The college however pointed on Friday that the six academic medical staff to receive over €300,000 in pay last year was due to back pay owed to the staff members.

A spokeswoman for TCD stated that all salaries at TCD amongst staff "over €200,000 relate to academic medical consultants where pay levels are set by the HSE in accordance with hospital consultant rates".

She stated that the "the reason for larger pay levels in 2019 is due to backpay which was paid in 2019. Trinity received additional payment of €2.17m from the Health Education Authority (HEA) on December 23rd 2019 to cover the backpay."

Last year, 250 TCD staff earned more than €100,000 and the TCD spokeswoman stated that the breakdown is 29 medical, 160 non-medical academic and 61 in senior management.

The spokeswoman confirmed that the annual pay for the Provost, Patrick Prendergast is €209,129.