A new app has been launched ahead of schedule to help independent fashion retailers survive the Covid-19 crisis.

Bezzu allows bricks and mortar retailers without any existing online presence or ecommerce function, to easily connect with, and sell to, customers online, at no cost to them. 

Those already selling online yet struggling to stay competitive, can also join Bezzu and significantly reduce costs while availing of a growing online shopping marketplace.

There are currently over 440 Irish retailers on Bezzu with more than 8,000 products available to purchase, with more being added to the platform every day. 

Headquartered in Dublin, Bezzu moved forward its intended launch in Summer in an effort to help Irish retailers now facing an uncertain future due to the coronavirus pandemic, to trade online while their physical stores are closed. 

Lauren Murphy, Bezzu's senior communications manager, said that given the horrific impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on local retailers who have had to close their physical stores, it decided that it would launch a lot earlier than planned in an effort to help them survive during this extremely challenging time. 

She said that the fundamental aspects that are most important to independent retailers are in place and working well.

"While updates and improvements are being made to the platform daily, retailers who join Bezzu now will find a free, easy-to-use way to list, display, promote and sell their products online - a process that retailers who are holding stock at their homes can safely fulfil without having to physically interact with customers or store colleagues," Ms Murphy said. 

Bezzu plans to expand rapidly in the coming months, launching in London, New York and Melbourne and a number of European cities once it is safe to do so.