Aldi Ireland has published a list of its top-20 selling products over the last three-week period.

The list gives an insight into consumer buying patterns since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent social distancing measures implemented by the Government.

The top-seller during the three week period was 2 litres of milk, with butter and a bag of carrots taking second and third place. 

Aldi noted that its Irish supply base supplies almost 80% of the top-20 products. 

It also said that five Irish dairy products were in the top 20 list - good news for Irish suppliers and Irish farmers also. 

Common food items such as dairy, fruit, vegetables and cupboard staples complete the top-20.

The full list is:

1. Full fat fresh milk 2 litres
2. Pure Irish creamery butter
3. 1kg bag of Irish carrots 
4. Midi bananas
5. Raspberries (125g)
6. Loose bananas
7. Easy peeler mandarins
8. Full fat fresh milk 1 litre
9. Tomato 6 pack
10. Mushrooms 300g
11. Low fat milk 2 litres
12. Premium chunky chopped tinned tomotes
13. Broccoli
14. Bananas 6 pack
15. Instant noodles - chicken
16. Milk chocoate digestives
17. Fresh white sliced bread 
18. Fresh milk 3 litres
19. Dog food
20. Granuated sugar 1kg