A new study from Network Ireland shows how business remains optimistic despite the economy going through a dramatic slowdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The women's business group said that 80% of its members surveyed said their working day has become "dramatically" or "somewhat" different in March.

Almost half of those questioned had decided to, or were about to decide to shut their business down for the time being, but 86% said they believe they will be able to re-open their business at a later date.

Nearly 80% of respondents also said they were either "very happy" or "happy" with Government efforts to support enterprise during the Covid-19 crisis.

Network Ireland branches around the country have mounted a massive effort to support members via online resources. 

The President of Network Ireland, Louisa Meehan, said the level of optimism among businesses is really encouraging. 

"It's important the Government works to support these businesses who are so determined to put their best foot forward when the time comes, and revive the smaller enterprises that are so vital to the Irish economy," Ms Meehan said. 

She also said that Network Ireland remains dedicated to supporting its members. 

"In this new environment where our daily lives have been disrupted, we're determined to do what we can to maintain vital links and networks in whatever way we can.

"Our online activities are proving really useful for this and we're looking forward to building and developing the events schedule further," Ms Meehan said.