Datalex has said it is including a targeted redundancy programme in its cost cutting plan as part of measures to deal with the Covid-19 impact. 

The travel software company, which was hit by an accounting scandal last year, said the travel restrictions imposed to control the spread of Covid-19 are having a significant and negative impact on its airline customers. 

In a statement, Datalex noted that this is an unprecedented time for the industry, adding that it is difficult to accurately quantify the likely impact of Covid-19 on its financial and trading performance at this stage. 

But it said it has taken immediate action to offset the expected significant impact on its revenues this year and to protect its overall outturn by reducing operating expenses and improving cash flows. 

"These actions include a targeted redundancy programme, re-negotiating business partner arrangements, eliminating discretionary spending, freezing recruitment, implementing voluntary leave options and temporary reduced working hours for all employees," the company said.

It said it believes that these actions, together with the support of customers and ongoing flexibility from business partners, mean that the Group is well positioned to withstand the impact of Covid-19.

It added that it was looking to the future following the pandemic with confidence. 

"We continue to monitor the situation closely and will take further appropriate and timely action if required," the company said.