Dublin Airport will remain open, as per government guidelines for the repatriation of Irish citizens and the import of medical supplies. 

Paul O'Kane, Chief Communications Officer at Dublin Airport, said the airport saw 95% fewer passengers this week compared to the same week last year, while flights are down by 83%. 

He said just 2,000 passengers used the airport yesterday, which he said is similar to the capacity of Dublin's Gaiety Theatre. 

"We are open in line with Irish Government guidelines, we have been designated an essential service," Paul O'Kane said. 

"The key reason that the airport is continuing to operate is to allow for repatriation flights and for the import and export of vital goods such medical supplies," he added. 

He said posters, signage and public announcements are just some of the ways that public health messages are being transmitted at the airport.

But he said social distancing is easy to maintain given the significant reduction in passenger numbers.