Increasing numbers of patients critically ill with the coronavirus is fuelling demand for ventilators at hospitals around the world.  

There are about 1,229 ventilators in the country and the HSE says 300 ventilators are on their way, while a further 600 ventilators are on order.

The demand worldwide is growing. In the US car manufacturers are teaming up with medtech companies to get as many units made as soon as possible. 

All over the world companies, academics and scientists are sharing designs so more ventilators can be built as fast as possible.  

Some of the teams working on solutions are in Ireland, including the "Open Source Ventilator Ireland project" which sees 2,000 scientists, doctors, designers and engineers develop a respirator for use and manufacture all over the world. 

Mechanical engineer and co-founder of the project Colin Keogh says the collaboration is like a war effort. 

The development of another emergency ventilator is also being supported by Galway-based Boston Scientific. 

John Wallace, who owns engineering firm IDS Solutions in Tumgraney in Co Clare and in Raheen in Limerick, has pulled together experts, engineers and medics.

They expecting to have a prototype "battlefield" ventilator ready for evaluation within the next few days. 

Meanwhile Medtronic, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of ventilators, announced it would publicly share ventilator designs.  

On top of this the company is ramping up its production of ventilators in its Mervue facility in Galway.