There was a sharp fall in the amount of space being leased by flexible office providers in Dublin last year, according to a report by Savills.

Almost 110,000 square feet of space was leased last year - a 73% drop on the 2018 figure.

The data was compiled by - Savills' serviced office brokerage platform.

It said the figure was due to an "anomaly" in 2018, with the levels taken up last year representing more "normalised" levels. 

The Dublin market was also impacted by issues at WeWork, which scaled back its plans in order to help stabilise its business worldwide.

It also said that while the level of space being taken had dropped, the amount of space being sought by each client had increased.

This, Savills said, reflected a global trend of larger companies using flexible offices more.

According to its study, 16% of space taken last year was by companies seeking temporary office space, with 14% seeking additional space.

The single biggest category, however, was new entrants to the Irish market - which accounted for 27% of the space taken.