A new survey has found that 44% of Irish office workers believe remote working could help alleviate the financial burden of high housing costs. 

The survey, carried out by Censuswide for Pure Telecom, found that 19% of office workers would move to a more affordable location if they, or their partner, could work from home. 

An additional 25% would consider it, the survey reveals. 

Pure Telecom found that many Irish office workers are currently paying more on their rent or mortgage than they can afford. 

The company said that some 13% of office workers surveyed believe remote working could help to end their current situation of paying rent or mortgages that they can not afford by allowing them to move to a more affordable location.

According to the survey, the average office worker believes that when taking into account expenses such as travel, rent/mortgages and childcare, they would save more than €5,000 a year if they did not have to travel to the office every day.

11% said they would save an average of a massive €25,152 a year.

Paul Connell, CEO and co-founder of Pure Telecom, said many office workers, who could just as effectively carry out their jobs at home some or all of the time, are forced to come into the office every day. 

He said this has an impact on where they live and therefore the cost of housing, childcare and much more. 

"When people are worried about money, it affects their personal and professional lives. Remote working could give workers the option to move away from high cost living areas and therefore reduce some of the stress associated with paying their bills every month," he added.