The total number of trips made to Ireland by overseas residents rose by 1.8% last year to reach a total of 10,807,500, new Central Statistics Office figures show.

Trips by UK residents to Ireland increased by 0.8% last year to 3,787,700, while trips by residents of other European countries were up 2.6% to 3,910,200. 

The CSO also said that trips by residents of North America grew by 1.2% to 2,412,500, while trips from long haul markets, including the Middle East and Australia, increased by 5.5% to 697,200. 

Today's figures also show a 6.5% increase in the number of overseas trips made by Irish residents in 2019 to over 8.8 million. 

Looking at December alone, the CSO said the total number of trips to Ireland rose by 5.5% to 779,200, while the number of overseas trips made by Irish residents decreased by 1.5% to 564,500. 

Commenting on today's CSO figures, Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said that 2019 showed a mixed picture for Irish tourism.

Mr Gibbons said there was a small increase in arrivals from Britain, a modest performance from both Mainland Europe and North America, while arrivals from long-haul markets were up 5.5%. 

"But North America has seen a disappointing decline of 5% for the month of December alone. There has been a deterioration in air access capacity from North America this year, with a 9% decline for this winter," he said.

The Tourism Ireland CEO said the figures very much reflected feedback from industry partners on the ground, who have seen weaker demand this year. 

"The continued uncertainty around Brexit is giving rise to consumer concern in Britain and some mainland European markets," he added.