There has been interest from across the world in job vacancies on the Great Blasket Island, off the coast of Kerry.

Inquiries have come from as far away as South Africa and Alaska for the jobs to manage accommodation and a coffee shop on the island between April 1 and October 1 this year.

The positions, which include providing food and accommodation services, are ideally suited for a couple or friends who get along well, according to Alice Hayes who placed the ad online in recent days.

Alice's partner, Billy O'Connor, operates tours to the island on his boat The Peig Sayers. He is a grandson of Peter Callery, a solicitor from Dingle who once owned most of the island. The couple has restored the cottages, including the writer Peig Sayers' home.

The island is beautiful and idyllic, but it is off the grid so there is no electricity, no wifi, and no hot showers.

"It's intense and tough but it's a very unique position," Alice Hayes said. "It's back to basics - fires, candles, stoves, wildlife and nature."

This might make the opportunity even more attractive for adventurous job seekers.

There are three cottages on the island that can accommodate up to 21 people.

The new islanders would have to welcome visitors, manage the cottages, and run the coffee shop.

"We use gas hobs in the cottages and the coffee shop. We have gas canisters out the back. We know when the water is boiled with whistling kettles on top of the hobs, and we can cook on the gas hobs as well."

There is also "a little wind turbine that generates enough electricity to charge one device, so you are not completely cut off", Alice said.

The ideal candidates must have a good level of fitness, good people skills and be friendly, approachable and chatty. "No day is ever the same," Ms Hayes said.

One couple, Lesley Kehoe and Gordon Bond, took up the positions last year and generated lots of publicity for the Great Blasket Island by documenting their experience on social media.

Anyone interested in working on the island, can contact Alice for more information by emailing