A new survey shows that 79% of people here back wind energy, with 52% strongly in favour of it.

The survey, carried out by Interactions for the Irish Wind Energy Association, also showed that 79% of rural residents back wind energy.

According to the survey, just 4% of respondents opposed wind energy, while 2% strongly opposed it. 

It also found that just over half of people surveyed said they would support the development of a wind farm in their area.

The partipants in the survey listed the top five reasons for supporting wind energy including 'helps environment', 'readily available energy', renewable energy', 'addressing climate change' and 'cost efficiencies'.

Meanwhile, over half of voters polled here said climate change considerations would influence the way they vote in future elections.

"Climate change will be the single greatest challenge for our society and the biggest issue for policymakers in the next few years," commented Dr David Connolly, CEO of the Irish Wind Energy Association. 

"It is clear that candidates and parties putting forward policies designed to tackle climate change, including supporting renewable energy like wind power, will be rewarded for it on election day," he added.