Financial advice platform ClearChoice has announced it is joining forces with fintech digital customer engagement firm NeuronSpring, whose clients include Irish Life.

The deal will see both groups operating their services jointly under the ClearChoice banner, along with ClearChoice's existing brokerage network TAG (Trusted Advisor Group).

ClearChoice founder Paul Merriman and NeuronSpring CEO Mark Keenan each have 20 years' experience in the financial services industry.

They have also have worked together on a number of software as a service innovations in recent years.

As part of the deal, Mark Keenan and his team are seeking to establish a broker innovation hub with ClearChoice. 

This follows the recent launch of an innovative new software application which allows brokers to generate multiple quotes based off an agreed budget amount.

"For the first time ever, financial brokers can ask their clients how much they would like to spend and tell them exactly what benefits their budget can deliver," Mr Keenan explains.

"With the combined capability of both organisations, we can help businesses and brokers stay on top of the digital innovation agenda and allow them to focus on meeting customers and generating sales," commented ClearChoice's founder Paul Merriman. 

"Uniting each organisation's natural skillset will enable us to lead the way in supplying creative digital solutions and thought leadership for the financial, life and pensions industry both in Ireland and the UK," he added.