Cork-based agtech company ApisProtect has joined the Tyndall National Institute-led business incubator at the European Space Agency (ESA) Space Solutions Centre Ireland. 

ApisProtect's technology helps commercial beekeepers protect the health of their honey bees.

It is currently monitoring the health of 20 million honey bees across the world. 

The new partnership with ESA-BIC will help address the challenge of looking after beehives in remote locations in harsh environments where traditional communication networks struggle, allowing beekeepers to monitor their colonies remotely.

ApisProtect uses intelligent sensor technology to monitor honey bee colonies across the world to support the global pollination industry. 

Contributing €153 billion worth of pollination to the agri-food industry annually, honey bees play an essential role in global food production. 

One third of all food consumed depends on pollinators, and there are 91 million managed beehives worldwide.

David Gibbons, of ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland, said the centre is seeking entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to use space technology and space generated data in commercial earth environments.

"We are delighted to have ApisProtect utilise satellite communications technology and earth observation data in the agricultural sector as one of the innovative Irish companies we are supporting," Mr Gibbons said.

"This partnership highlights how ESA is keen to support new technologies that help solve global challenges and help ensure global food supply by ensuring the health of honey bees worldwide," he added.