New figures from jobs site Indeed reveal a buoyant jobs market in the Irish tourism industry. 

Indeed said that job postings which mentioned tourism or hospitality had the highest share of total postings in Ireland, outstripping other European countries such as the UK, Italy and Germany.

The data shows demand for workers in the tourism industry here increased by 7% in the past four years.

The industry accounted for 8,056 job postings per million in 2019, up from 6,547 job postings per million in 2016.

But Indeed said that despite a large increase in people searching for roles in the Irish tourism sector - up 18% in the past four years - the industry is facing a shortage of skilled labour. 

The number of job postings in the area is currently 21% higher than the number of searches.

As the country approaches full employment, it may become increasingly difficult to fill these roles, Indeed cautioned. 

Today's data also comes as the Irish tourism industry faces a potentially challenging time in the event of a no-deal Brexit. 

Earlier this month, Fáilte Ireland estimated that at least 10,000 jobs would be lost in the tourism sector, with a no-deal Brexit potentially leading to the loss of more than one million British tourists a year.

Pawel Adrjan, Indeed's economist, said that despite increasing demand for staff in the tourism sector, there remains the danger that growth will be constrained by the challenge of hiring people with the appropriate skills. 

"Tourism is one of Ireland's largest indigenous industries, and with a focus on diversification and new market openings in the coming months and years, it's likely to continue to be a substantial employer," the economist added.

The data was published on UN World Tourism Day, which is designed to raise awareness of tourism's social, cultural, political and economic value.