Ryanair is not interested in taking over any of the airlines of travel firm Thomas Cook, which has gone into liquidation, its group chief executive said today. 

Thomas Cook's independent airline units Condor and its Nordic Ving group have both said they are looking for new owners. 

"Ryanair has no interest in buying another airline," said Michael O'Leary at a news conference in Vienna. 

However, Ryanair might be interested in some of Thomas Cook's slots in Britain, he added.

Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers were stranded by the collapse of the world's oldest travel firm on Monday, sparking the largest peacetime repatriation effort in British history. 

Thomas Cook's British fleet was grounded immediately after the parent group became insolvent to comply with operating licence requirements.

Meanwhile, the Ryanair CEO also said the odds that Britain will leave the European Union without a deal are decreasing. 

"It is increasingly unlikely that there's going to be a hard Brexit," Mr O'Leary said. 

Many people in Britain were of the opinion that a hard Brexit would be an act of "extraordinary self harm," he said. 

"I think it's likely that there will be some kind of agreement between the British and the Europeans, whether that's on the 31th of October or after I do not know," he stated.