A new survey reveals that two thirds of people believe that flexibility is the most important thing for them when looking for a job.

The survey, from flexible recruitment agency Employflex, also shows that 8% of people surveyed believe that salary is the most important thing, while location comes in at 13%.

Most people said flexible work would allow people a better work/life balance, followed by allowing them to spend more quality time with family and kids. 

One in five said it would make life less stressful for them.  

The Employflex survey also found that four out of five people believe that flexible work should be a legal right for everyone in the workplace.

Nine out of ten people said they would leave their current job if they were offered flexibility in another role, while a majority of people also said that offering flexibility is the way to retain talent. 

But over half of people surveyed said they would not feel comfortable asking their employer for flexibility.

Karen O'Reilly said that companies need to move away from the "seat-warmer" mentality and realise that flexible work can work for everyone. 

"It is alarming to see from the survey that so many people would not feel comfortable asking for flexible work but when it comes to the priority for employees, it is all about flexibility.

"We are standing on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution but many companies are still stuck back in the stone ages when it comes to allowing flexibility in the workplace," she said.