The Central Statistics Office is launching a new awareness campaign to encourage people to take part in its household surveys, which measure key economic statistics. 

Launched at the National Ploughing Championships today, the "Because you told us" campaign aims to raise awareness of CSO's work.

The CSO said it needs to find out the facts about the country and how its citizens are doing individually, as a household and as a nation. 

Over 100 CSO interviewers visit over 30,000 homes each three months encouraging them to take part in various household surveys including the Survey on Income and Living Conditions, the Labour Force Survey and the Household Budget Survey. 

The CSO also conducts temporary surveys such as the Adult Education Survey, the Health & Crime Survey, the Cross Border Shopping Survey and the National Travel Survey. 

It says the information gathered through these surveys provides a very accurate picture of the economic and social situation of the citizens of Ireland in a way and with a level of detail that no other surveys can achieve.

Senior statistician Brian Ring said the CSO needs people to know who the CSO is, what it does and why.

He also stressed that the CSO can be trusted with people's information.

"Taking part in a CSO survey is really important because we get vital information directly from the general public and the results affect the future of everyone in Ireland.

"So, when we say for example, that unemployment is falling or rising, or that some people are still at risk of poverty, we know this because you told us," Mr Ring said.

He said the information gathered by the CSO are then used by individuals, businesses and local and national government to make policy decisions and to plan for the country's future.