New figures from the Central Bank today show that the proportion of residential investment property loans in arrears over 90 days rose for the second successive quarter to the highest level in more than a year. 

The amount of buy-to-let loans in arrears rose to 15.2% in the second quarter from 14.6% in the first three months of the year. The figure had peaked at 22.1% in 2014. 

The proportion of homeowners in arrears for more than three months remained at an eight-year-low of 6% again at the end of June. 

The Central Bank added that the decline in the numbers in deep arrears of two years or more had slowed in recent quarters.

 A total of 221 properties were taken into possession by lenders during the three months, a significant jump up from 127 properties in the previous quarter. 

The number of family home mortgages that were classified as restructured at the end of June sat at 94,355.

Of these restructured accounts, 86% were deemed to be meeting the terms of their current restructure arrangement, the Central Bank said.

Non-bank entities, including so-called vulture funds, held 13% of all family home mortgage accounts that were outstanding at the end-June