Ryanair flights to and from British airports are operating without disruption today, the budget airline said, on the second day of a 48-hour strike by some of its British-based pilots.

The airline said it expected no disruption to its British schedule.

An Irish court granted an injunction on Wednesday to prevent Dublin-based pilots striking, but London court rejected a similar application for its British pilots.

Ryanair has said the striking pilots, who are members of the British Airline Pilots Association, represent less than 30% of those operating its aircraft in Britain.

In a statement, the airline said all its first wave flights to and from UK airports departed as scheduled this morning, with 97% punctuality due to some small air traffic control delays. 

It added that yesterday over 95% of its UK pilots reported as rostered to fly.

"We completed all 892 of our scheduled flights to/from the UK, carrying over 160,000 customers and their families, with zero cancellations and over 91% of these flights arriving on time, thanks to the great work of all our UK pilots and cabin crew," it said.