Household's net worth reached a record high in March, according to the Central Bank, while debt levels fell to a near 14-year low.

The country's households were worth a combined €772 billion by the end of the first quarter, as the value of investments and financial assets increased.

That more than made up for a €2 billion fall in the value of housing assets - reflecting a second quarterly decline in house prices.

The figure equates to €158,986 per person, or around €444,000 per household.

Meanwhile household debt fell by €600m to €136.9 billion - the lowest level since the third quarter of 2005.

That equates to €28,186 per person, according to the Central Bank.

Household debt has fallen by almost a third from its peak in late 2008, while debt as a proportion of disposable income fell 2.9 percentage points to 119.8%.

At the same time Government debt rose by €9.6 billion to €234.6 billion, largely due to new debt issued in the quarter.

Government holdings rose by €8.1 billion, pushing its net financial worth lower by the end of March.

Meanwhile the private sector also saw its debt levels increase in the first quarter, rising 4 percentage points to 237.6%.

It is the first increase in the percentage since early 2015.