Some credit unions have placed restrictions on the levels of savings their members can have in an effort to manage their balance sheets. 

The move is being blamed by credit unions on the costs charged to them by banks to hold that money on deposit, as well as tighter regulatory requirements.

It also comes as savings in the credit union sector continue to increase. 

According to research conducted by the Irish Times, at least 36 credit unions have imposed savings limits on their members with the limit as low as €15,000 in some cases. 

The Irish League of Credit Unions said that while it is a positive that savings continue to growth, it pointed out that credit unions' priority is loan growth.

The ILCU said that lending growth is now ahead of savings growth, with lending up by 7% so far this year while savings have risen by 4.9%.

It said that credit unions are earning low levels of returns on their investments currently, so in some cases, they are managing their balance sheets by restricting savings. 

"The effect is to control growth in savings and assets, which makes it easier to maintain capital and surplus," the ILCU said.

A total of 341 credit unions are affiliated to the ILCU across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with these credit unions having a total of 3.6 million members across the island of Ireland.