The bilateral meeting between Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and US President Donald Trump at Shannon Airport today, is not a box ticking exercise ahead of a round of golf at Doonbeg, according to the chief executive of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland.

Mark Redmond believes this afternoon's meeting is hugely significant and extraordinary. "These are very substantial discussions, and let's not forget, Ireland is the only country in the world guaranteed a substantial bilateral meeting in the Oval Office with the President of the United States every year," Mr Redmond said. "It is quite extraordinary that within 3 months of that bilateral, that we have a second substantial bilateral today."

During the last meeting in March, President Trump said the US wants to deepen economic ties with Ireland. Ireland is the 9th largest investor in the United States, with 800 companies creating 100,000 jobs. It is a two-way relationship, Mr Redmond said.

The contentious issue of Brexit will be raised with the US President at today's meeting. In London, yesterday, he declared that there would be "a phenomenal deal" done with the UK on trade when they leave the European Union. Brexit, no matter what shape it takes, will have a negative impact on Ireland.

"What we consistently hear across the Atlantic is that Ireland explains the EU to the US, and explains the US to the EU," Mr Redmond said. "I'd imagine the Taoiseach will further explore the ambition he has of Ireland at the heart of the transatlantic relationship, and as a pivotal component of that EU US trade process."

E3 visas are also on the agenda. These are two-year renewable visas which allow Australian citizens and their spouse to live and work in the US. Ireland wants the US to extend these visas to Irish citizens. The CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce Ireland believes President Trump will be receptive.

"I think there is huge goodwill towards this in the US. I think there is a real effort to make sure we have talent going in both direction."

The largest ever Irish trade delegation is going to the Select USA Summit next week. There is huge ambition by Irish companies to create more jobs in the United States. "The availability of talent to cross back and forth to realise that ambition is really, really important," Mr Redmond.