The co-founder and CEO of Irish software firm Intercom has addressed staff this evening, following allegations made against him by former employees.

It is understood that Eoghan McCabe disputes the version of events outlined in a story, reported on a California based technology news website.

However, in a statement earlier he said he had demonstrated some "poor judgement" during the early years of the company, had apologised at the time and claimed he has matured as a person and a CEO since then.

Intercom's board said it had initiated another investigation into the claims.

"Recently, questions regarding the handling of some matters that were previously investigated by HR and reviewed by the board have been raised," it said in a statement.

"We have engaged an expert to conduct a new investigation and review into these matters as well as our HR policies and will follow any recommendations that come from it."

Mr McCabe said he fully supports the independent review into the claims and the company's HR practices.

"I'm proud of the respectful culture we've built, and have long believed that people do their best work when they feel truly happy and safe," he said.

Mr McCabe spoke to Intercom's 650 staff this evening during a regular "all-hands" meeting, during which he was expected to address the controversy.

However, the company declined to comment on what Mr McCabe said in his address.

Founded in Dublin in 2011 Intercom, which builds software tools to help companies communicate more easily with their customers, has rapidly grown into one of Ireland's most valuable technology companies.

Having raised $241m it is currently estimated to be worth over $1bn.

As well as its headquarters in San Francisco, where Mr McCabe is based, it has offices in Dublin, London, Chicago, Sydney.