Java Republic has announced a deal with the family-run Spanish coffee company Cafento as the company looks to expand internationally. 

Java Republic and Cafento will focus on growing across all segments of the Irish market as well as finding global opportunities for the brand. 

Cafento, a third-generation Spanish family business and one of Spain's largest coffee companies, will take a majority stake in the Java Republic business.
The company will continue to employ upwards of 80 people and will be headquartered in Dublin. 

The deal will see the existing management team remain in place, lead by Grace O’Shaughnessy and Jeffrey Long.

Java Republic was founded 20 years ago by David McKernan, who will continue working with the company in a non-executive capacity as a brand ambassador.

The company's managing director Grace O’Shaughnessy said the deal marked an exciting milestone for Java Republic.

She said the new partnership will help Java identify new opportunities to show more coffee lovers about its expertise and conscientiousness. 

"Our hard-working team will continue to partner with existing suppliers and customers to help businesses serve a world-class cup of coffee or tea, and we will still source and prepare our coffee and tea to uncompromising standards," she added.