A new survey has highlighted alarming practices prevalent in Irish workplaces and significant concerns among Irish office workers in the ability of their employer to protect sensitive data. 

The survey, from Datapac and Sophos, found that only 42% of office workers completely trust their employers with their personal data. 

Just 47% of those surveyed also said they completely trusted their employers to securely protect customers' data.

The survey also revealed the prevalence of further poor practices when it comes to data access and control  in Irish workplaces. 

17% of respondents have accessed work documents and data from a previous job, and 14% have shared documents or data from a previous employer.

And despite the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force last May, the survey revealed that 41% of Irish office workers have yet to receive any form of GDPR training. 

54% of office workers also said they were not fully confident that their day-to-day activities in work, such as processing customer data, are GDPR compliant.

The survey also discovered some worrying trends when it comes to password management practices in the workplace. 

One in five employees admitted to having kept their company password on a post-it note, 16% have shared a work password with a friend or family member, and 31% have shared their password with a co-worker. 

44% of respondents also said they use three or less passwords to manage their entire digital presence - including both their work and personal online accounts.