The number of UK based job applicants looking for roles in Ireland has increased by more than a third in the last year, against a background of a growing threat of a hard Brexit.

This is according to figures from the recruitment website,, which says job-seekers from the UK now account for more than a quarter of all overseas visitors to the website.

The Information Technology sector saw the biggest surge in applicants with a 47% increase in UK based job seekers looking to Ireland.

This was followed by construction, architecture and property (+46%) as well as public sector roles (+45%).

"As the Brexit deadline draws closer, Ireland is seeing a huge influx of investment from UK and multinational companies seeking to relocate or expand in Ireland," said Safann MacCarthy, Marketing Director,

"Equally, our statistics show that people movement is matching that shift."

"2018 marks the highest increase we’ve seen in UK applications for Irish-based roles and the current political climate indicates that this growth is set to continue into 2019."

The jump in numbers follows a significant rise in the number of major multinational firms expanding operations here, or relocating to Ireland for the first time.

The construction boom is also leading to a spike in vacancies in that sector, with the number of roles vacant rising 21% year on year, says.

"Ireland offers stability, well-paid jobs, a world-renowned education system, and access to the EU," said Safann MacCarthy.

"These are attractive traits for mobile professionals."