Some Bank of Ireland customers can not use their debit cards for online and contactless payments today as the bank has imposed restrictions on the cards due to fraud concerns. 

The bank said that customers can still use their existing debit card in ATMs or in shops using their four-digit PIN. 

In a statement, the bank said that while it understands this is an inconvenience, it said that it is a temporary measure and has been implemented in order to protect the customer from fraud.

Bank of Ireland said that as part of its "proactive customer care approach" - when it suspects that a debit or credit card may have been put at risk of fraud - it takes precautionary measures including issuing new cards. 

However, it stressed that even though a customer's debit card may have restrictions imposed on it, it does not mean that the card has been used fraudulently.

It added that there is heightened precautionary activity due to the increase in third party data breaches, for example the recent Ticketmaster and Marriott Hotel Group data breaches.