The Government has launched an online customs-training course to assist companies in preparing for Brexit.

The Customs Insights course, which is being rolled out through Enterprise Ireland, aims to help businesses understand how customs works - including the documentation and processes required to operate and succeed post-Brexit.

In the event of a hard Brexit, goods moving into and out of the UK would be under customs controls and would require customs documentations.

For Irish companies trading with with UK, they may be required to deal with the various systems associated with customs.

The Customs Insights course aims to explain the main customs rules and includes the key actions companies can take to prepare for customs after Brexit and the options from Revenue that are available to make the customs process more efficient.

The course, which takes around 45 minutes to complete, is free for businesses to take and is available on

Business Minister Heather Humphreys said companies "must prepare themselves in the event of a hard Brexit as full customs procedures will come into place whereby the UK will be recognised as a third country".

She added: "The Customs Insights course will assist those companies and small businesses to continue trading with Britain, while also preparing them for selling to other third country markets, such as the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, particularly as the EU expands its portfolio of Free Trade Agreements."

Nearly two thirds of Enterprise Ireland client companies have cited customs as having the biggest impact on their business, according the to organsiation.

Chief Executive Julie Sinnamon says EI has been "advising companies to prepare for a hard Brexit and have put supports in place to equip companies meet the challenges and opportunities arising from Brexit head on".