Exporters here have called for an urgent intensification of no-deal contingency planning by the government and the EU in the face of heightened uncertainty around Brexit.

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) has warned that the risk of a disorderly exit by Britain from the EU has increased following the delayed vote on the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement and today’s no-confidence vote on Theresa May’s leadership.

According to Simon McKeever, chief executive of the IEA, the potential economic impacts of the UK crashing out of the EU next year will be "immediate, extensive and far-reaching for Irish businesses." 

"Today, we reiterate our previous calls for the Government to publish and implement its no-deal Brexit contingency plans to mitigate its worst impacts and ensure basic continuity of trade at a minimum," he said.

The call echoes those of other business groups here, including employers' organisation Ibec, all of whom are growing increasingly anxious about the fate of the process negotiations.

"Businesses are already preparing and implementing contingency plans," Mr McKeever said.

"It is now for the government to provide the business community with the urgently required information on the state’s plans and actions so that they can implement their contingency measures."

Mr McKeever claimed the current deal is the best and only option on offer at present as it provides certainty of continued frictionless trade for a further two years.

He added that the close relationship with Britain and dependence on established transport and integrated supply chain links, leaves companies here uniquely exposed to the fallout from a potential hard Brexit.