Over 46% of employees feel resentful of colleagues who are consistently late for work, according to a new study. 

The research, from Jobs.ie, also suggests nearly 60% of employees who are late give traffic as an excuse, while a third say it is because they overslept.

Another 26% blame weather for their lateness.

But the survey results show that most Irish workers are punctual. 

More than 96% of all employees said that they always arrive to work on time, with over half of employees (59%) aiming to be in work at least 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled start time.

The vast majority of employees also said that they have previously stayed beyond regular work hours to make up for being late to work. 

The survey reveals that even the most rigid of employers understand the occasional delays.

But if lateness becomes a regular occurrence, it can result in real consequences for an employee's career and one in four employers have fired somebody due to recurring lateness. 

Jobs.ie's general manager Chris Paye said that it may come as a surprise to many people that Irish workers are actually a very punctual bunch and take great pride in being on time or even early for work. 

"Given this context, it's inevitable that tensions can arise in the workplace if one colleague is consistently late without a valid excuse," Mr Paye said. 

He said that to address lateness in the workplace, each employer must attempt to understand the core reasons why their employees are not arriving to work on time. 

"The importance of implementation of clear and precise policies in the workplace on matters like lateness ensures that everyone is aware of the expectations of their employer, reducing conflict and creating a harmonious and productive work environment," he added.