Britain has sought additional reassurances from cable company Comcast over the editorial independence of the Sky News television channel following the US group's takeover of broadcaster Sky. 

Comcast emerged triumphant in the long-running battle for the pay-TV group after it beat Murdoch's Twenty-First Century Fox in a rare auction held last month. 

"I've left them in no doubt at all about the importance of editorial independence and Sky News, and what we expect not just over the immediate period following the changes to corporate ownership, but in the longer term," culture minister Jeremy Wright said. 

Wright said he had found reassurances previously offered by Comcast persuasive, but also wanted to make sure they were "firmed up", and would be keen to take further steps to do so if needed. 

He did not provide specific details.

"We want to make sure they are committed to Sky News in the long term and committed to its editorial independence," he said.